Tuesday, June 2, 2009

8 weeks was last week!

Sorry it has taken me a while to add a new update. We have been busy at Talon Trail. Last week Brett took the week off. We spent the entire week at home as a family. It was my last week before I returned to work. We got a lot done. Brett even tiled the back splash. It looks awesome. I'll post a picture of it. So to back track. The boys were 8 weeks last week. They are doing awesome. One of my favorite things is their pouty lip. They both do it so well. I was able to catch Ethan showing off his bird perch.
At least Ethan is sucking on his own fist.
Something new that these guys love....looking out windows. When we sit in the chair in their nursery they just stare outside.
Here is a tummy time video! I am happy to announce that Bennett can roll over to his back from his tummy. He has to be pretty upset on his tummy before he does it. But the more he cries the more power he gets. I have witnessed it 4 times. Of course when I had the camera he was not interested in showing me, but the video is still pretty funny.

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