Sunday, June 28, 2009


This weekend (and actually currently) we went to Lanesboro. All the family came down just to hang out. Ethan and Bennett were very excited to spend time with their cousins. After a long day of swimming the boys took a picture together in the Spring Valley park. This picture was from when we arrived at mom and dad's. See I told you that they were all excited to see each other.
All Seven of Them!
Grandpa is building a two story treehouse for the kids in the backyard. Hopefully it will be done before Ethan and Bennett are old enough to play on it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Her name is Molly, but we call her Super Nanny!

Since I was going back to work we had to line up some child care. I called a lot of home day cares and the challenge was finding one with an opening for not just one infant but two. The law that regulates home day cares only allows two infants. Through multiple phone calls and old connections we got word of a person looking to watch an infant. I proposed the question...would she be willing to watch two infants?? She agreed!! Molly has just finished her second week with the boys. She comes to our house (way awesome!) so we don't have to haul anything or pack up two kids in the wee hours of the morning. We feel very fortunate to have her part of the family. The boys really like her...they tell me all the time!
This week I have been on my own. Brett is in Florida and Izzy has been standing in as my night time helper. I had a little extra time yesterday morning and just happen to throw a load of the boys laundry in the wash. I came home to dried, folded laundry! I kissed Molly because I was so happy! Yes, it is these small things that really bring joy to my life! I have proof, see below. Admit it, your jealous!!

he wasn't really crying

This was really funny. The sounds that Bennett makes is hilarious! Enjoy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to Work

I am in my third week, day number 7 just completed. Everyone wants to know...."how is work going?" Well I am happy to report that work is awesome! I am happy to be back and have missed so many people. Going back was a little difficult, I won't lie. Mostly I just miss being with my boys. By hour six I really miss them. We have a wonderful Nanny that comes to our home on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Her name is Molly! Hehe! She is great and loves our boys so much. This summer I plan to continue working full time and loving it! I co-worker, Lisa, is also happy that I am back. She did an outstanding job while I was on leave. She is a survivor!
Molly and Lisa are back!!

New Jumpers

We got new jumpers!! JC, recognize these? Ethan has got his pouty lip again. It was the best I could do.

Trip to Rochester

Last week, my friend Jenny and I took the boys down to Rochester to visit Iz Pershing and their buddy Owen. The first two pictures were of us getting ready. They were even wearing the onesies that Iz gave them when they were only 10 weeks in my tummy. You would think by the pictures that Bennett is always calm and Ethan is fussy. Really, every day is different. Their personalities have not developed that much. I just think that Ethan hates the camera.
"I hate cameras!"
Owen, Ethan, and Bennett. Owen is in the middle just in case you didn't know. We weren't sure if he was ok with it or just couldn't move because of the 10 pounds on both of his sides. Owen is about 6 weeks older than Ethan and Bennett.
After we took pictures we went down to Thursdays on First in Rochester. Iz had the mini cooper stroller while I had to bring the bus stroller. Man, you get a lot of looks and questions when you have twins. Jenny wheeled the stroller for he majority of the time so when someone approached her I walked away and left her to answer the many questions. I swear she was making stuff up and telling them that they were hers.
Here was my mom's tent! "Cheryl's Fabric Garden". She makes some really cool purses and old fashion aprons. Check out her website:

First Grand Ole Day

So I feel pretty fortunate that Ethan and Bennett are the first children among a few of our friends. They means that they get extra spoiled!! We did take them to Grand Ole Day this year. They really enjoyed it! No pictures of us down on the street, but just pictures of Mike and Kristie taking care of the boys while Brett and I party! Seriously, this kid loves Mike!

Better 10 Week Picture

These guys are growing fast!

Dr. Mario and 2 babies

See you can still hang out and do the same stuff you did before you had babies. That is if you have friends that understand that you have to be home for the 9:00 pm feeding or are willing to come to your house to hang out. Luckily, our friends love us so much (or love to be with the babies) that they travel to Eagan so we can all be together. I have really been spoiled since my bed rest started. People come to me, I don't go to people!

Aunt Kristie K Uncle Mike!! Wearing the coolest Yellowstone National Park shirt. Hard to believe, I know.

10 Weeks - I'm a little behind

10 weeks was technically last week. So here are last weeks pictures! Bennett

Look at what I found on my camera

Ha ha! Pictures of Mike chillin' with Ethan. Megan and Mike babysat for us a few weeks ago while I played volleyball for the first time. Guess they found our camera sitting around and decided to have some fun! I went to download my pictures and found these among the hundreds. Megan, where are the pictures of you??

Mike, why is he crying??

Saturday, June 6, 2009

family pictures with Annie

If you went to Annie's blog you would have had a preview of the pictures that she took of the Scott Lamon family. We went to a small park in Burnsville. We love the pictures and had a blast with Annie. She is super creative! Enjoy!We were so glad that these guys were both awake for the photo shoot! Ethan is in the all blue and Bennett is in the stripes.
Look at the pouty lip! Annie caught it!
In love...
Our Peanut and Bean.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

grandma lamon was here!

As most of you know I returned to work this week (there will be more to come on this subject later). So Grandma Lamon came to watch the boys for the first week. Nanny Molly will be starting next Monday. Mom did a great job! I didn't even call her more than once a day to check in. The picture below isn't typically what they were doing during the day when I was at work so will give you the mental picture. Mom upstairs at the sewing desk, material for bags and aprons spread around her, thread on her pants and pins in her mouth, all while two little babies were in bouncy seats next to her chair. Mom had the sewing petal to the floor for three days. Her breaks consisted of bottle feedings, awake time, lunch, planting my herbs on the deck, calling Grandma, bath time, and rescuing the binky that had just popped out of Ethan and Bennett's mouth. Here is Grandma giving the boys bath. She lives by old school rules and doesn't use any of those fancy baby baths that we now have. I think she just really wanted to "soak their butt". That was what she was saying to them at least. I wondered how much she talks to herself when no one is around. I was in the bedroom getting ready for work and all I could hear was mom talking to herself about her sewing, what she was doing, when she screwed something up. Good thing she had Ethan and Bennett to listen these past three days.

Bennett getting his butt soaked!
Ethan getting his butt soaked!She might kill me for this one, but remember when I did my high cut brief underwear blog. I was talking about how high the underwear comes up and that if I wore my low rise jeans my underwear would stick out about 5 inches. Cheryl has got the mommy underwear sticking out!! This is what my fear is....will this be me someday or maybe I am already there?

Mom, forgive me! Thanks for taking care of the boys. They already were telling me this morning how much they miss you and the sound of the sewing machine! It is like music to their ears. From now on I am not even going to play music. I am just going to run the sewing machine. Brett and I love you and couldn't have done this week without you!

what do you do when you take vacation from work??

You do all the projects that you have wanted to do forever, right? For the first time in our lives Brett and I had a "vacation" where we didn't go anywhere but stayed home. We did have the boys to keep us busy and we did get some cleaning done around the house. My favorite thing is that Brett finally did our back splash in our kitchen. It looks awesome! He is a very skilled tiler, just ask Kelly and Paul. He will be available for hire when our basement is finished. I think we are looking at 2013.

Daffy Duck & Bugs Bunny will NOT make me feel better

Oh yes, we had the dreaded 2 month appointments last week Friday. They got thier first round of vacinations. We were warned and told to give them tylenol before we even went to the appointment. Brett came because you need two people to comfort two babies. So the funny thing is that since I am a Certified Child Life Specialist medical procedures on children have never really bothered me. That is until it was my child. Funny how I can handle other people's emotions and can coach them through it, but can't keep my own emtions and fears (which I am fully aware of) in check. Becoming a parent has only helped become a better Child Life Specialist. I can know the feelings, fears, and eliminate some of the trauma for a family/child but couldn't fully understand it till now. I have a new appreciation for my work. I have decided that if my children ever get sick or go to the hospital I will need my own CLS.

So our appointment...honestly, it wasn't even that bad. The nurse was awesome and very quick. They cried for like a minute and stopped when we comforted them. The thing I was most shocked about was that the needles they use are normal size needles. Below are Ethan and Bennett after their appointment showing off their war wounds. They were troupers! So you probably want to know the stats on these guys too!

Big Boy Bennett came in at 9lbs 10oz.

Our little peanut Ethan was not far behind at 9lbs 4oz.

Remember when they were this little and fit with room to spare in their bassinette?

This bassinette picture was taken today 6/4/09. Squishy and they are all up in each other's space!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our longest distance yet

We made it to Lanesboro over memorial weekend. It was the farthest distance that we have traveled with the boys. Ethan and Bennett got to meet their Uncle Gary for the first time. Well Gary is actually my uncle and a great one at that. I know that he will love our boys as much as he loves and cares for his nieces. Below is Uncle Gary, Bennett, and Ethan.We had so many people piled in at Gary's apartment. The shoe stack at the door was impressive.Simeon brought a box to play with!
Brett didn't fit quite as well!
These ones are for you Dade! Pam, notice the wrap that Dade is sportin'.

Have you ever seen anything as sweet as this? Dade loves our little guys. He is such a good cousin. Can't wait until Ethan and Bennett are Vikings fans so they can talk smack to Dade who loves the Packers.
Cousin Simeon has been taking lessons from Dade! He is a natural!
Cuz! Below is my cousin Suzie. She lives in LeRoy, MN with her family. She rocks and we have had so many fun times together. Recently her and her family bought a new home with some land. She is going to start up a hobby farm and even have some chicks. I can't wait to bring Ethan and Bennett over so they can play in the chick house. Just as long as they don't love them too much we should be just fine. Talk about traumatic memories, right Aunt Marcia. If you were at our wedding you would have heard my aunt tell the chick story!
This is Suzie's oldest, Carly! She is super cute! Wonder where she gets it from?
Suzie & Josh's Family with the boys!
We had a blast when we were home. We even got to go golfing!! Thanks CJ and Mandy! Can't wait to come back on June 26th. I hope to make it to Decorah, IA to see Suzie and Marcia's new Pine Needles Quilt Shop location.