Tuesday, May 5, 2009

smile gas

The boys are getting bigger! We think that they are about in the 7 pound range. So the size of what a typical newborn would be. I have just retired some of our newborn sleepers. Bennett and his long legs were busting out and he just didn't look very comfortable. Ethan fits into a few of them, but again he looks more comfortable in something bigger that allows him to breathe. The pictures below are them in their 0-3 sleepers. It makes me kind of sad to see them growing so fast, but hopeful with their growth their stomachs are getting bigger so they can go longer without feedings. This every 2 to 3 hours is a killer!

Again, I am smooshing them together in one boppy. We do have two of these boppys but it is just so much more fun to see them together. They may be squished but it doesn't prevent them from sleeping. Really I think they enjoy it. Even when we put them in the crib with plenty of space separating them, they manage to scoot towards each other. It must be the natural pull of twins.

So any times we catch them "smiling". Well, we like to think they are smiling at us but then you hear and feel the gas being released from their little butt. Brett calls it crop dusting! As much as we hope that they can see who we are and are getting some enjoyment from being in our arms realistically this is not the case. I'll take whatever smiles I can because I deserve it after those long nights.

I caught Bennett with his smile face:

Ethan and his smile face:

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Anonymous said...

they are definately at the point where they could start the social smiles! I love this age!