Tuesday, May 12, 2009

no sleeping on this vacation

Grandma Lamon needed a vacation so she came to see her grandsons! I am not sure how much of a vacation it turned out to be considering she got up in the middle of the night with me so that Brett could have a full night of sleep. Full night of sleep...what is that?? Lucky for Grandma I mistakenly ate some peppers on an Arby's sandwich which kept her busy. We were up ALL NIGHT. Grandma likes to stay busy so I would say that it turned out pretty perfect! My mom might be thinking otherwise. I didn't tell her but one time in the middle of the night I got up because I heard them crying. I headed to the nursery but mom had already beaten me into the room. She was picking up the babies from the crib. As soon as I saw her I turned around and went back to bed. Her back was turned to me. I do feel a little guilty, but I knew that when she got home there was a full nights sleep in the cards for her. Sorry mom!! But thank you too!

This is a picture of Ethan sleeping on a boppy. This is how Grandma Lamon likes to position them. Don't worry, she is not far away when they are napping. Ethan is laying in the hallway next to our loft where mom was sewing. You know how babies like the sound of a vacuum, our babies are going to love the sound of a sewing machine. He was peaceful! I can remember being at Grandma Cookie's house and hearing her sew in the laundry room when she would let me nap in the living room. I'll never forget some sounds and smells.

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