Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mother's day rocked

Brett dressed the boys especially for me on Mother's day. Notice their onesies. It was a great day! We had our morning feeding and Brett took the boys and I got to go back to bed. Brett woke me up with breakfast in bed! Later that day Ethan and Bennett gave me their card that was made just by them. It had two hearts painted on it. I guess after I went to bed Brett and the boys got to work. Brett dipped their hands in the paint and guided them to make the painted hearts with their knuckles. It wasn't until after I received that card at the next feeding I noticed that they had blue and green gunk under their finger nails and in between their fingers. They got one by me! For dinner, the boys took me to Sonic! It was just right for us. We hung out in the car, Ethan and Bennett in their car seats as we ate our Mother's Day burger! It was the perfect first Mother's Day! Below is the boys all packed up for Sonic. The blankets on top of them were made especially by great grandma Polson.

When we got back home it was Ethan and Bennett's turn to eat. See the video. It was pretty funny! We are sure that they were thinking, forget these binkys we want the real deal!

Thanks to everyone that remembered me on Mother's Day! It was greatly appreciated!

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