Tuesday, May 12, 2009

green peas and blue elephants

Ethan is sporting a footless sleeper with green peas and a matching cap. Bennett smiles as he shows off his blue elephant sleeper from Gymboree. These outfits came from or friends Chuck and Sue. She didn't even know about the Bennett Blue and Ethan Green. It has worked out a few times that we have received blue and green of outfits. Let me tell you how much I even use this system...mostly at night, but the other night Ethan was up crying a lot. When I woke up that morning I realized that Brett had switched their swaddles and Bennett was in the green swaddle. The whole night I thought it was Ethan. Don't judge...I know my children, but you try figuring out what twin is who when it is 4 am and you don't have contacts in. It is just easier to look at what they are wearing. So the above picture is about the best shot that I got of them in this outfit. I was going to use them for their 3 month pictures but I don't think these outfits are going to make it that long. These kids are growing and are really long! Brett measured Bennett the other day and he was 23 inches.
This is a horrible picture!
I almost got a black eye taking this picture!

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