Tuesday, May 12, 2009


308! That is the number of pictures I took in one week! There is a benefit of having children in the age of digital pictures. Even though you take 308 I don't have to pay for developing all those pictures when I only got about 10 good shots. Babies are tough to photograph. The tummy time picture below is from a week ago. The boys were 5 weeks old. This was the last time that they squeezed into their newborn sleepers (thanks JC!). Partly the move to the 0-3 sleepers is for my benefit. It is easier to get them in and out which is important when you are getting them in and out about 10 times a day to change a dirty diaper.

Ethan must have been happy this day. I got a few pictures of smiles!
Usually one is happy and the other one wants to sleep. Bennett was content!

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