Friday, April 10, 2009

Thank Heaven for Grandmas

We were discharged on 4/8/09 and made our way home. The car ride was tense and I was incredibly anxious. Images of blue faces from lack of oxygen kept going through my head. I even made Brett pull over to check on them. Let's keep in mind that our house is only about 10 miles from the hospital. We have taken a couple of small trips since and some of that anxiety has let up. I think it is because we are more use to putting them in the car seats properly. Everything keeps seeming like it gets easier. Our first night home, Nana Scott and Bruce (Papa Scott) came over to settle us in. So I am always excited to see Sandy, but this particuliar night I was incredibly relieved to have her walk into our home. I would just say that her expertise created a new excitement for me to see her that night. Dinner was served and they left us with more confidence.

That night we were on our own. We tucked them in per Nana Scott's directions and hoped for the best. We were up about 3 times. Which isn't bad. Since they are preemies they sleep a lot. We actually have to wake them to feed. Don't worry, our time will come.

Good night babies!!

The next morning...knock, knock, knock! Grandma Lamon arrived! All were smiling. My mom was able to stay with us for 3 nights. What a help! We had someone to cook us meals, help with feedings, and wash the large amount of bottles that seem to pile up everywhere in our house. We continued our routine of feeding, burping, pooping, and sleeping. It was a great 4 days. Mom left this week on Wednesday morning. It didn't phase me that morning that she was going to be gone, but later that day I wished that she was still here. When will these hormones settle down? Grandma Lamon will be back on Sunday for another 3 nights. Unfortunately, Grandma's arrival also marks Brett's departure to New Jersey for some work business. He is going back to work next week and his family will miss him. I imagine there will be lots of phone calls, texts, and picture mail. It is amazing how much the boys have even changed in one weeks time. We want to make sure that we take it all in so at least we can look back and say, "wow, I am so glad that I took the time to watch them sleep in my arms." No regrets!

Grandma Lamon we are waiting for your return!

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Katrina Hannemann said...

I used to ALWAYS freak out about Cooper in the back seat, I'd hear his breathing change and reach back to feel his mouth and make sure he was still breathing! It was so awesome to meet the little guys last night, they are so sweet!