Thursday, April 16, 2009

stick shifts and safety belts

Believe it or not, I happen to have some extra time today and I wanted to get the pics up of our first outing with the boys since Brett's baby time has helped free up a little of mine today. I should probably be napping (sorry mom), but days seem to be so short with the boys and Brett. And of course, nights seem to be super long. I think we are getting this feeding thing down. It really does help to have a mother in law that can share so much knowledge with us on caring for infants. It helps relieve some new parent stress. Brett and I are the first to admit that we are super anal parents. If you want to touch the baby, you will sanitize!

So care rides....remember when I talked about how car rides are difficult because I couldn't see what was going on with the boys (are they breathing, is their strap to tight, etc)? Problem solved....see below!

Oh yes, one of my first baby purchases after they were born were these big mirrors for the backseat so that we could see Ethan and Bennett's faces. It doesn't cure all the stress of being on the road with infants, but man does it help. We realized when we were driving that there are some crazy people on the road and we probably use to be one of them before we were responsible for the safety of someone other than our self. It just feels like every car or worse, semi truck, is out to get you. OK, back to our first outing. We visited Brett's Grandpa and Grandma Polson. We had lunch and showed of a billion pictures of the boys that we had already taken in the first few days of their life. I think that Grandpa and Grandma eyes only glazed over a couple of times.

I gotta say that one of the most amazing parts of this picture is Grandpa and Grandma's ability to get on the floor with the babies. There are some good genes running through this blood line. So the outfits that they have on were given to us by Aunt Kelly. They truly are newborn size, but as you can tell are a little on the large side yet. We will get a better picture of the outfits once they grow into them. We did make it back home in one piece with only a semi emotional wrecked mommy. I pulled through!

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Sarah said...

I love the picture with grandma and grandpa Polson - made me so happy!!