Thursday, April 30, 2009

slacker vs survival

So I am home everyday with the boys and my main purpose it to tend to their every need and make sure they make it through the day. When I have to feed them together on my own I figure I had success if neither of them fell off the couch. Lately, I have tried to sneak naps in and sometimes their nap time doesn't line up with when I hope to take mine. I know, I should just realize that my napping schedule now rotates around theirs. We have been blessed with two gifts from God in addition to the 2 babies that he gave us. They are called Papasan Cradle Swings. Sometimes when I put them in in the swings I feel guilty that I should be spending more time with them because my leave is so short. But having that nap really gets me through the feedings at night so I hope they know their time in the swing was worth it. Instead of thinking I am slacking I am going to call it survival. A good friend stated that sometimes you just do things and that is called baby survival. Thanks!! As you are watching the video just imagine me on the couch across from them sleeping to the white noise of swings clicking.


Katrina said...

It definately becomes survival. You need to be healthy and happy in order to make them safe and secure. I know that the time seems short (I be it is even more with two, because your sharing that precious time) but they'll definately appreciate a happy mom versus an exhausted mom!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. Even at age 2 you still take naps! I snuck one in today swearing that I would do homework instead, but felt so much better afterword that I'm glad I did.