Thursday, April 23, 2009

more family pics

We had a second photo shoot with our friend Annie Torrini and she took pictures of all four of us. As you can tell Bennett is totally in to posing this round. He is on the left in my arms. Annie did a great job and uses all natural light. She came to our house and she worked her magic. There are so many good pics from the shoot but I just posted a few. She also did a video that I will see if I can figure out how to post as well.
How are we....good. I have been super lucky to have so much help while Brett has gone back to work. I have done a few feedings on my own. It is tough and hard to manipulate them by myself but as long as they get to eat eventually they are happy. Feeding just takes a little longer time by myself. Sandy came over on Tuesday and we did a practice run. It was hard for her to not intervene, but after getting it done I had a new confidence that I can care for the boys without anyone helping. It can be done! Thank god I only have two.

Man I really love these pics! Feeding time, gotta run.

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Anonymous said...

The shot of Brett with the boys held out in front of him is great! I'm going to have to use that shot sometime, it is very creative =)