Tuesday, April 7, 2009

it was a long haul,but worth it

This was our last picture before we became parents. Don't make fun of the hair. I went to my dr. appointment that morning not completely expecting to be admitted. Let's also not forget the joyful contractions that came along with the labor. Let's go back just a little so you get the full story. I am also going to separate this up into several blog entries instead of one huge one. So this may take me a few days.

Our appointment was on April 1st, very convenient that it was April fool's day. We weren't totally unprepared because the day before I was having lots of contractions. At about 6pm on Tuesday night I thought I was going to lose my lunch and had to lay down. That is when it all started.....the rest of the night up until the appointment was a mixture of moans, groans, and me wanting to punch Brett in the gut so he could feel the same. We did it though, we made it through the night.

On the chance that we might not return home we packed up the tribute with everything that we had earlier packed to bring to the hospital. Just in case! At the appointment I did get my cerclog removed and was put on a monitor. I was dilated to a one and it was clear after the monitoring session that I wasn't just being teased with Braxton Hicks. They removed the terb pump and sent us upstairs to "just be monitored" for a few hours. Within the hour we were already dilated to a 2 and preparation started. The doctor came in to talk about the c-section and said, "I hope to get this done within the hour." Brett asked him to clarify what "get this done" was referring to. The birth of course! Brett went into frantic/excited mode and MJ converted to survival mode. We delivred at 36 weeks and one day by c-ection. So the final numbers were as follows:

Ethan Lamon Scott
Born: 3:31pm
Weight: 4 lb 15 oz
Length: 19 inches

Bennett Lamon Scott
Born: 3:33pm
Weight: 5lb 3 oz
Length: 19 inches

We delivered at Methodist Hospital. The boys spent only one day in the level two special care nursery and then were turned over to us. We were discharged on Saturday, April 4th. The boys are healthy. Brett counted 40 fingers and toes! We couldn't be happier!! It was a long haul but so worth it. I would do it all again for this little angels.


Annie said...

Congratulations! They are amazing. Great job Brett and MJ!

Anonymous said...

they look so pink and healthy! and I love that you said you went into survival mode, that is the perfect description. I hope you're healing nicely and enjoying the little ones!

Joanna said...

Molly and Brett! Way to go! Sorry I couldn't come by, but I'll give you a call soon to see about a visit. They are adorable.