Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Easter

Here are Ethan and Bennett in their Easter sleepers. Thanks Barb and Larry! These are only 2 of the 4 preemie sleepers we have so they wear them often. We did make it to Bruce and Sandy's for Easter lunch. The trip was short due to feeding schedules.
Family portrait, we are missing Tina. She had to leave early for work. It was difficult to wrangle in the twins for a picture just after they collected all their Easter eggs.

Nana gave Ethan and Bennett a book for Easter. Brett didn't waste anytime reading it to them. They look really attentive and interested. Ha! Speaking of Brett, he is back. He returned from NJ last night. I feel kind of bad because the first thing that I did when he got home was go to bed. He is back into action taking care of the boys. He missed them much!! I was sending him picture updates and videos all three days. My mom left yesterday. Again, she was such a big help. She had to step in for the late night feedings and comfort sessions. She did great and I do miss her again.

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