Monday, April 20, 2009

blue and green hats

Since we have such cute twin boys everyone wants to take pictures. Hehe! Actually our friend who is getting into photography did a shoot with Ethan and Bennett as a gift to us. We have been so lucky to capture their first weeks by those that are much more talented than us. Here is one of my favorite pics. I love the blue and green hats. Brett and I are now able to tell Ethan and Bennett apart even when they aren't next to each other, but we still use the blue and green system. Just for ease and for visitors! I'll post more pictures when I get them and also our Studio Laguna pics are on the way. Can't wait to share those with everyone. They are super good!
So how are we doing...not bad. Lacking a little sleep but it could be worse. Most days I make it without a nap. You pretty much have to make me lay down on the couch to nap. I just want to get stuff done considering I haven't been doing anything around here for 4 months. I think it is harder for Brett because he has to go to work for 9 hours. I just have to impress two babys and they could care less if I showered that morning. Our new parent ways have been fading. It was cute to bathe them every other day and get their new, clean outfits on. This downward spiral started just the other day with us leaving the dirty baby changing cover to be washed the next time they peed on it and changing their sleeper when the dry, crusted milk was noticeable. If I don't have to impress them then I am not going to expect them to impress me. The one unpleasant thing that has been going on is that Ethan, Bennett, and myself are being treated for thrush. I am not going to into the details of what this can google it. But I will say that it is not painful to the boys, but does need medication to be treated. We will survive. Next week should be better.

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Katrina said...

thrush isn't fun, I'm glad you three are doing ok.

I love that you don't change them right away, we do the same thing. Why change? It'll get dirty in 10 minutes anyway ;)