Thursday, April 30, 2009

slacker vs survival

So I am home everyday with the boys and my main purpose it to tend to their every need and make sure they make it through the day. When I have to feed them together on my own I figure I had success if neither of them fell off the couch. Lately, I have tried to sneak naps in and sometimes their nap time doesn't line up with when I hope to take mine. I know, I should just realize that my napping schedule now rotates around theirs. We have been blessed with two gifts from God in addition to the 2 babies that he gave us. They are called Papasan Cradle Swings. Sometimes when I put them in in the swings I feel guilty that I should be spending more time with them because my leave is so short. But having that nap really gets me through the feedings at night so I hope they know their time in the swing was worth it. Instead of thinking I am slacking I am going to call it survival. A good friend stated that sometimes you just do things and that is called baby survival. Thanks!! As you are watching the video just imagine me on the couch across from them sleeping to the white noise of swings clicking.

Little E

I couldn't just do a post on Bennett and not do one on Ethan as well. Guess this is just the beginning of doing things twice. I realized it as I was working on their baby books. I would fill out a page for one and then copy word for word into the other book. Seemed like extra work so these boys better appreciate having their own of everything when they get older.

So Ethan, or E as we like to call him. He is our little peanut. Even though he is the older brother he is still littler than Bennett. Sometimes I feel like I baby him more because he is smaller. Here are some recent pics of him!

Bennett is Baby B, wears a Blue hat, and has a Birthmark on his Back

B is the name of the game! Remember I mentioned that the doctor found the birthmark on Bennett's back. Thank goodness for us! Brett and I can tell the difference but it is nice to have a "for sure" reminder. We tel the difference by the shapes of their faces, but they have their moments that they look so much alike. Here is a picture of Bennett's birthmark. I took it today after his bath. It seems like it has gotten a little bigger and darker. It could just be my eyes.

Ethan! Leave your brother alone!

How is it possible that in 2 days I can manage to take 101 pictures of these boys? There was a really funny one that I wanted to post. It probably should of been in the "does it bother you that I am this close" post. It is pretty funny!

"Ethan, stop touching your brother!" Just practicing!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

newborn pics by studio laguna

I have had the newborn pictures from Studio Laguna for a little while now. I got the slideshow up (see the left hand side). We were so happy with the pictures and lucky that we have met Katrina. If you ever want someone to do some kick butt pictures she is your gal.

does it bother you when i'm this close

If I actually took a picture of everytim that these two had their faces inches apart and most of the time touching I would have a million. I guess since they were so close inside of me they are use to being that close in the world. We always start them off with plenty of space between them, but they manage to find their brother.

Hopefully neither of them have really bad morning breath!

Here they are hanging out in their crib in the living room.

We think and hope that these two little guys are going to be best buds. Pretty much one minute hitting each other and the next loving each other.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

i love mommy

We got these outfits from my cousin suzie. I had to post them since they looked so cute!

welcome to the club

I apologize ahead of time to those that might think that this is TMI (too much info). I just couldn't resist writing about my submission to the reality that I am now a mom. This became very apparent when I purchased my first undergarment item that served my need for comfort over fashion. So it started with a morning that I got my overtired body out of bed only to find hampers filled to the brim with dirty clothes. Brett was at work so that left me alone to care for the boys. Laundry was not an option and the overflowing drawer of my old underwear did not present a single pair of underwear with nearly the amount of fabric I was looking for. The only dental floss touching my body that day was going to be in between my teeth. With the help of a friend I was able to go to Target for some quick shopping. I found myself in the intimates department for some underwear that would not cut right into my c-section incision. This didn't leave me with many options and visions of baggy, belly button hiding, white mom briefs kept running through my head. I found an entire wall of underwear that comes in packages of 3, 5, 6 and some had a 7th bonus pair. Who new this wall existed?? And there they were...the white, cotton, high cut briefs that I have always said I would never wear.

They glistened under the fluorescent lights. So I did it. I purchased them and have never turned back. They have gotten the job done! They won't last forever because with low ride jeans they are sure to poke out at least 4 inches. Not attractive. So it is official, I am part of the mommy club now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

video by annie

Annie put together this great video with some of the fav pics!

more family pics

We had a second photo shoot with our friend Annie Torrini and she took pictures of all four of us. As you can tell Bennett is totally in to posing this round. He is on the left in my arms. Annie did a great job and uses all natural light. She came to our house and she worked her magic. There are so many good pics from the shoot but I just posted a few. She also did a video that I will see if I can figure out how to post as well.
How are we....good. I have been super lucky to have so much help while Brett has gone back to work. I have done a few feedings on my own. It is tough and hard to manipulate them by myself but as long as they get to eat eventually they are happy. Feeding just takes a little longer time by myself. Sandy came over on Tuesday and we did a practice run. It was hard for her to not intervene, but after getting it done I had a new confidence that I can care for the boys without anyone helping. It can be done! Thank god I only have two.

Man I really love these pics! Feeding time, gotta run.

Monday, April 20, 2009

blue and green hats

Since we have such cute twin boys everyone wants to take pictures. Hehe! Actually our friend who is getting into photography did a shoot with Ethan and Bennett as a gift to us. We have been so lucky to capture their first weeks by those that are much more talented than us. Here is one of my favorite pics. I love the blue and green hats. Brett and I are now able to tell Ethan and Bennett apart even when they aren't next to each other, but we still use the blue and green system. Just for ease and for visitors! I'll post more pictures when I get them and also our Studio Laguna pics are on the way. Can't wait to share those with everyone. They are super good!
So how are we doing...not bad. Lacking a little sleep but it could be worse. Most days I make it without a nap. You pretty much have to make me lay down on the couch to nap. I just want to get stuff done considering I haven't been doing anything around here for 4 months. I think it is harder for Brett because he has to go to work for 9 hours. I just have to impress two babys and they could care less if I showered that morning. Our new parent ways have been fading. It was cute to bathe them every other day and get their new, clean outfits on. This downward spiral started just the other day with us leaving the dirty baby changing cover to be washed the next time they peed on it and changing their sleeper when the dry, crusted milk was noticeable. If I don't have to impress them then I am not going to expect them to impress me. The one unpleasant thing that has been going on is that Ethan, Bennett, and myself are being treated for thrush. I am not going to into the details of what this can google it. But I will say that it is not painful to the boys, but does need medication to be treated. We will survive. Next week should be better.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

stick shifts and safety belts

Believe it or not, I happen to have some extra time today and I wanted to get the pics up of our first outing with the boys since Brett's baby time has helped free up a little of mine today. I should probably be napping (sorry mom), but days seem to be so short with the boys and Brett. And of course, nights seem to be super long. I think we are getting this feeding thing down. It really does help to have a mother in law that can share so much knowledge with us on caring for infants. It helps relieve some new parent stress. Brett and I are the first to admit that we are super anal parents. If you want to touch the baby, you will sanitize!

So care rides....remember when I talked about how car rides are difficult because I couldn't see what was going on with the boys (are they breathing, is their strap to tight, etc)? Problem solved....see below!

Oh yes, one of my first baby purchases after they were born were these big mirrors for the backseat so that we could see Ethan and Bennett's faces. It doesn't cure all the stress of being on the road with infants, but man does it help. We realized when we were driving that there are some crazy people on the road and we probably use to be one of them before we were responsible for the safety of someone other than our self. It just feels like every car or worse, semi truck, is out to get you. OK, back to our first outing. We visited Brett's Grandpa and Grandma Polson. We had lunch and showed of a billion pictures of the boys that we had already taken in the first few days of their life. I think that Grandpa and Grandma eyes only glazed over a couple of times.

I gotta say that one of the most amazing parts of this picture is Grandpa and Grandma's ability to get on the floor with the babies. There are some good genes running through this blood line. So the outfits that they have on were given to us by Aunt Kelly. They truly are newborn size, but as you can tell are a little on the large side yet. We will get a better picture of the outfits once they grow into them. We did make it back home in one piece with only a semi emotional wrecked mommy. I pulled through!

First Easter

Here are Ethan and Bennett in their Easter sleepers. Thanks Barb and Larry! These are only 2 of the 4 preemie sleepers we have so they wear them often. We did make it to Bruce and Sandy's for Easter lunch. The trip was short due to feeding schedules.
Family portrait, we are missing Tina. She had to leave early for work. It was difficult to wrangle in the twins for a picture just after they collected all their Easter eggs.

Nana gave Ethan and Bennett a book for Easter. Brett didn't waste anytime reading it to them. They look really attentive and interested. Ha! Speaking of Brett, he is back. He returned from NJ last night. I feel kind of bad because the first thing that I did when he got home was go to bed. He is back into action taking care of the boys. He missed them much!! I was sending him picture updates and videos all three days. My mom left yesterday. Again, she was such a big help. She had to step in for the late night feedings and comfort sessions. She did great and I do miss her again.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Family

Our Family has doubled in size. We took this picture just last week. Supposed you are wondering how we tell the difference between the two little boys?? From just a quick visual, Bennett wears blue hats (thanks Colleen) and Ethan wears green hats. For the longest time we left Bennett's ankle band from the hospital on. And late one night we were worried about switching them that we colored Bennett's toe nails purple with a marker. Good news! At our doctor's appointment last week our doctor found a birthmark on Bennett's back so now we have something permanent. But of course if you see them, Bennett will be in the blue hat and Ethan in the green!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A New Man in Town

This is now the new standard in the Lamon Scott household. Brett hogging the babies!! Just kidding, he is loving the babies all the time! I have to say that I have seen a huge change in my husband who has now turned daddy. Brett is amazing and truly loves these little boys. He also does a really good job not forgetting that he still is a husband. This I appreciate. I am out numbered boys against girls in this house so I need someone on my side. Brett has been dragging himself out of bed at night to change those diapers and hand me children for feeding time. Brett is just another reason that I consider myself one of the luckiest women in the world. I couldn't imagine my life any other way. Brett has brought super dad to a whole new standard.

Yes ladies, he does the burping and he is all mine!!

Thank Heaven for Grandmas

We were discharged on 4/8/09 and made our way home. The car ride was tense and I was incredibly anxious. Images of blue faces from lack of oxygen kept going through my head. I even made Brett pull over to check on them. Let's keep in mind that our house is only about 10 miles from the hospital. We have taken a couple of small trips since and some of that anxiety has let up. I think it is because we are more use to putting them in the car seats properly. Everything keeps seeming like it gets easier. Our first night home, Nana Scott and Bruce (Papa Scott) came over to settle us in. So I am always excited to see Sandy, but this particuliar night I was incredibly relieved to have her walk into our home. I would just say that her expertise created a new excitement for me to see her that night. Dinner was served and they left us with more confidence.

That night we were on our own. We tucked them in per Nana Scott's directions and hoped for the best. We were up about 3 times. Which isn't bad. Since they are preemies they sleep a lot. We actually have to wake them to feed. Don't worry, our time will come.

Good night babies!!

The next morning...knock, knock, knock! Grandma Lamon arrived! All were smiling. My mom was able to stay with us for 3 nights. What a help! We had someone to cook us meals, help with feedings, and wash the large amount of bottles that seem to pile up everywhere in our house. We continued our routine of feeding, burping, pooping, and sleeping. It was a great 4 days. Mom left this week on Wednesday morning. It didn't phase me that morning that she was going to be gone, but later that day I wished that she was still here. When will these hormones settle down? Grandma Lamon will be back on Sunday for another 3 nights. Unfortunately, Grandma's arrival also marks Brett's departure to New Jersey for some work business. He is going back to work next week and his family will miss him. I imagine there will be lots of phone calls, texts, and picture mail. It is amazing how much the boys have even changed in one weeks time. We want to make sure that we take it all in so at least we can look back and say, "wow, I am so glad that I took the time to watch them sleep in my arms." No regrets!

Grandma Lamon we are waiting for your return!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

it was a long haul,but worth it

This was our last picture before we became parents. Don't make fun of the hair. I went to my dr. appointment that morning not completely expecting to be admitted. Let's also not forget the joyful contractions that came along with the labor. Let's go back just a little so you get the full story. I am also going to separate this up into several blog entries instead of one huge one. So this may take me a few days.

Our appointment was on April 1st, very convenient that it was April fool's day. We weren't totally unprepared because the day before I was having lots of contractions. At about 6pm on Tuesday night I thought I was going to lose my lunch and had to lay down. That is when it all started.....the rest of the night up until the appointment was a mixture of moans, groans, and me wanting to punch Brett in the gut so he could feel the same. We did it though, we made it through the night.

On the chance that we might not return home we packed up the tribute with everything that we had earlier packed to bring to the hospital. Just in case! At the appointment I did get my cerclog removed and was put on a monitor. I was dilated to a one and it was clear after the monitoring session that I wasn't just being teased with Braxton Hicks. They removed the terb pump and sent us upstairs to "just be monitored" for a few hours. Within the hour we were already dilated to a 2 and preparation started. The doctor came in to talk about the c-section and said, "I hope to get this done within the hour." Brett asked him to clarify what "get this done" was referring to. The birth of course! Brett went into frantic/excited mode and MJ converted to survival mode. We delivred at 36 weeks and one day by c-ection. So the final numbers were as follows:

Ethan Lamon Scott
Born: 3:31pm
Weight: 4 lb 15 oz
Length: 19 inches

Bennett Lamon Scott
Born: 3:33pm
Weight: 5lb 3 oz
Length: 19 inches

We delivered at Methodist Hospital. The boys spent only one day in the level two special care nursery and then were turned over to us. We were discharged on Saturday, April 4th. The boys are healthy. Brett counted 40 fingers and toes! We couldn't be happier!! It was a long haul but so worth it. I would do it all again for this little angels.