Sunday, March 1, 2009

terb pump

Pump it up!
So I mentioned before that they sent me home with a pump that administers medicine constantly. Ever 4 hours I get an auto bolus of .25ml otherwise my basal rate every hour is .07ml. Amazing how much this little amount of medicine can make a difference. It really has helped minimize the amount of contractions that I have in a hour. If i go past my threshold of 4 contractions an hour then they call my doctor and will make us go to Methodist Hospital to be evaluated. So far so good. We had one close call, but I negotiated with the doctor and it worked out just fine. The above picture is of the pump that I carry every where with me. I even have a shower bag. The picture below is the site in my leg that the medicine goes into me. It takes a needle to be inserted, but the needle is then pulled out and all that is left is a flexible tube. Brett changes the site for me. A little concerning how much pleasure he gets out of poking a needle into my leg. Maybe he has some pent up energy from the bed rest orders.

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