Thursday, March 26, 2009

the nursery is complete

This week we just wrapped up the finishing touches to the boys room. Brett did a lot of the nesting around here since I was confined to the couch. It is squishy in there, but it will work. Ethan and Bennett are use to being close to each other anyway. A few thanks for help with the nursery: Thanks Mom for making the great curtain and the cribs, thanks Jane for making sheets a crib skirt and the animal pictures, thanks Brian and Tina for the lazy boy that I am sure to spend hours in, thanks JC for the onsies made just for Ethan and Bennett, thanks Grandma Cookie for the dresser that has become our changing table, thanks to Kelly for the changing pad, thanks to Teri and James for the changing pad cover, thanks to RAW RAW and Mags for the boppy's, Eva thanks for the giraffe blankets. Those are all the thanks for items you can see! I also have to say thanks to everyone else that helped us get ready for Ethan and Bennett's arrival since there are a lot of gifts that we received that are put away and/or not in eyesight. We are ready....are you?


Anonymous said...

Hey sister! The room looks great. As an ex-designer you have my full approval... not that you need it ;) I know I haven't been around much lately because of school and the upcoming move, but please know that you can ask for anything anytime- especially when the out of town guest start to dwindle after the boys arrive. You look amazing and Praise be to God for your health and the health of E and B! Love you, miss you, mean it!


Anonymous said...

I love the bookrack and diaper holder, those are awesome!

Anonymous said...

so exciting! LOVE the smiling giraffe on the wall :) you look cute as ever and i'm way excited for you and brett.