Saturday, March 21, 2009

i wasn't alone

I was fortunate enough to not have to go through my pregnancy alone. I was lucky to have a few friends in the same boat. When I say same boat, I mean pregnant NOT bed rest. I dream of what a "normal" pregnancy would be like. I like to go for the challenge so this all seems fitting. Two of my friends have delivered with in the past month and one is due early June. I think it is safe to say that the baby bug is in the air. This reminds me of when we turned 24 and everyone was getting married, now everyone is working on starting their families. However, I do have 5 weddings this year. Yea! I do have a few more friends that are also pregnant, just haven't seen them recently to capture a picture, but here is what I do have!

My friend Iz! She was 30 weeks and I was 20 weeks pregnant. I believe this was the day right before I went on bed rest. I really do miss going to Caribou! Iz's son Owen was born February 17th.

My friend Eva who now lives in New Mexico. I was 25 weeks and Eva was 31 weeks. Her son Coen was born on March 16th. This was Eva's last visit to MN before she became a mommy. We are hoping to visit her, Dale, and Coen this fall.

My friend Ca! We just took this last night so I am 34 weeks and she is 29 weeks. Ca is due in June so we are hoping that we can spend some of our maternity leave together!!

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