Thursday, March 26, 2009

the nursery is complete

This week we just wrapped up the finishing touches to the boys room. Brett did a lot of the nesting around here since I was confined to the couch. It is squishy in there, but it will work. Ethan and Bennett are use to being close to each other anyway. A few thanks for help with the nursery: Thanks Mom for making the great curtain and the cribs, thanks Jane for making sheets a crib skirt and the animal pictures, thanks Brian and Tina for the lazy boy that I am sure to spend hours in, thanks JC for the onsies made just for Ethan and Bennett, thanks Grandma Cookie for the dresser that has become our changing table, thanks to Kelly for the changing pad, thanks to Teri and James for the changing pad cover, thanks to RAW RAW and Mags for the boppy's, Eva thanks for the giraffe blankets. Those are all the thanks for items you can see! I also have to say thanks to everyone else that helped us get ready for Ethan and Bennett's arrival since there are a lot of gifts that we received that are put away and/or not in eyesight. We are ready....are you?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

35 weeks

Just got home from our appointment. All is good! They did all the same tests and the doctor said that the boys are in the 40 percentile. Amazing that they can already tell this. She said that we have made it far and if we were to deliver now we would be just fine, however, they want me to keep cooking them a little longer. The babies should be about 5 and 1/4 pounds by now. The doctor also said that there shouldn't be a reason that we won't make it to 38 weeks. That means at our 37 week appointment they will schedule the c-section for the following week. Not that this isn't great news, but I have a feeling these last three weeks will seem like a long time. STOP, I'm not going to complain and talk about my cankles. If I didn't want cankles I shouldn't have gotten pregnant. Coming this far from 21 weeks is a miracle. So the other news for next week's appointment. We will be getting the cerclog out, terb pump will be turned off, and I won't have to monitor my contractions on the home monitor machine anymore. I will be able to turn in all of my equipment. The doctor said I will leave a liberated woman. So my new goal is to get to my "liberation day!"

As we are getting closer to delivery we have been making plans. We are planning on a c-section which many of you know is not a minor surgery. We plan to text/email so that people know when we deliver, however, we would like to give a heads up that we may just have our immediate family come to visit while in the hospital. We want to take full advantage of the hospital stay to heal, recover, and learn how to care for two new babies. Our down time, if there is even any, will be limited. We do appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, excitement, texts, etc that come our way as we experience our sons being born. We hope that when we get home that visitors and help will come our way. Not sure what "help" we will need, but I am sure something will come up.

Monday, March 23, 2009

still 34 weeks

I mostly wanted to share this picture because I think it is a better one when displaying how big I have gotten in the past few weeks. Even though black is slimming I think you can get the idea. So I can give you an update of how things have been progressing....UNcomfortable! A smart lady once told me that this is the trick of pregnancy. It makes you so uncomfortable as you are coming to the end so that the women doesn't even care what she has to go through to deliver the baby. This is all making sense. No more complaining, but for those of you that know what the round ligament is...feel for me!

10 minute breakfast

It wasn't Rachael Ray's 30 minute meals, but it was my version of a 10 minute breakfast. Last week my doctor told me that I could prepare "easy" meals which has consisted of hot pockets, cereal, and warming up left over pizza, but one morning I did prepare breakfast for me and of course Brett. Brett was shocked to have a meal off. It wasn't fancy, but it was home cooked by MJ! It does feel nice to not be 100% reliant on one person. Bathroom privileges and 10 minutes meals....I'll take it!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i wasn't alone

I was fortunate enough to not have to go through my pregnancy alone. I was lucky to have a few friends in the same boat. When I say same boat, I mean pregnant NOT bed rest. I dream of what a "normal" pregnancy would be like. I like to go for the challenge so this all seems fitting. Two of my friends have delivered with in the past month and one is due early June. I think it is safe to say that the baby bug is in the air. This reminds me of when we turned 24 and everyone was getting married, now everyone is working on starting their families. However, I do have 5 weddings this year. Yea! I do have a few more friends that are also pregnant, just haven't seen them recently to capture a picture, but here is what I do have!

My friend Iz! She was 30 weeks and I was 20 weeks pregnant. I believe this was the day right before I went on bed rest. I really do miss going to Caribou! Iz's son Owen was born February 17th.

My friend Eva who now lives in New Mexico. I was 25 weeks and Eva was 31 weeks. Her son Coen was born on March 16th. This was Eva's last visit to MN before she became a mommy. We are hoping to visit her, Dale, and Coen this fall.

My friend Ca! We just took this last night so I am 34 weeks and she is 29 weeks. Ca is due in June so we are hoping that we can spend some of our maternity leave together!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

34 weeks today

Here it is....34 weeks. I would just like to mention that these pictures don't really do my belly justice. You know how they say that the camera makes you gain 10 pounds? Well, it is reverse when you are pregnant. The camera makes me look like I am smaller than I am. Trust me and if you don't you can come visit, but this belly is in charge!
Today was our appointment. Everything seems to be the same. I am not dilated and I think we can thank the cerclog for that. The doctor said that 4 more weeks is a possibility. I just think that this is my luck....we all got so excited that they were going to sneak out early and then we get to the end and they will have to induce me. This is truly my luck which isn't that unlucky since these boys are growing well and should be good to go when they take that first breath of air. So a little insight into our 3 hour appointments.

This is just one thing MJ does at her appointments. If they make a machine to monitor anything when it comes to the babies they hook me up to it!

This is what Brett does at the appointments. They turn down the lights for him. One week the nurse even offered him a pillow and a blanket. All I get is a glass of water. I just wanted to point out that Brett does get time off from waiting on me hand and foot (right Kristie!).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

scott/polson shower

Shhhh, don't tell my doctor but I went to Brett's parent's house for a baby shower. Trust me the car ride was way shorter than going to the doctor's office and I was directed straight from the car to Sandy's couch where I remained for the entire shower. They still allowed me bathroom privileges. Well, we now feel like we have everything that we wanted to have on hand prior to their birth. I am sure we will discover stuff that we will "need" no doubt, but for now we feel comfortable with everything in the house. It kind of feels like it is closing in on me a bit. It sits in the living room stacked up and mocking me day after day until Brett has time to bring it up to the boys room. And then I peek into the boys room (on my way downstairs) and its free range mocks me there. I think this organization personality trait does have its down side. I have a hard time letting things go or allowing disorganization. If you have been to my house, you know that everything has its place and most likely there is a label to remind us. The organization in the babies closet may fall apart after the boys are born, but knowing me I don't think it is likely. Back to the shower....everyone was there! We were so lucky to be surrounded by so much family. Even Grandma Scott made the trip from Wilmar. We had a blast and it was a joy to see family since again we missed out on so much holiday fun.

This was also the first time that we got to meet Elsa, which is Brett's cousin's daughter. I had to put the picture of Titus and Elsa up. I just wanted to make the point that he is a natural with babies so I feel pretty lucky that he will be Ethan and Bennett's older cousin. I am sure that Titus will be ready to babysit in 6 months or so.
Here we are with just a few of our many gifts. These boys are spoiled! Thank you to all of our family for the support.

Side Note: Today is 34 weeks, however, our appointment is tomorrow. They have been changed to Wednesdays for the remainder of the pregnancy. I'll update tomorrow with that.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

33 weeks

Today is 33 weeks. Another week down, but potentially a few more to go. We had our Dr. Appointment yesterday. I got to see my actual doctor instead of one from the practice. The only thing they did was the biophysical test which is done with ultrasound, a Non-Stress Test where they watch their heart beats on a monitor for 30 minutes, saw the doctor, and yes we got measurements of the babies. So Ethan measured 4 pounds 3 ounces and Bennett is 4 pounds 1 ounce. I have over 8 pounds of baby which would be a singleton at full term. Bennett is still breeched (and crowding into my ribs as much as possible) so we did discuss delivery options. We don't have to decide on anything unless we get to 37 weeks and they decide to schedule a c-section. They won't let us go more than 38 weeks. I asked about the terb pump and looks like that is not going away anytime soon. She told me that they will take it off of me on the way to the OR. I thought for sure I would only have it for 2 or 3 more weeks. OK, so basically it will go like this...if we start labor we just go to the hospital and at that time we look at baby's position and then decide on delivery options. There is no change in bed rest at this time. She said next week we will see if I am dilated and then "talk" about my restrictions on strict bed rest. She might clear me to prepare a meal for myself. I can't imagine being able to pour my own cereal in the morning. Think of all the free time that Brett will have. All is well in the Lamon/Scott household.

Monday, March 9, 2009

diaper cake competition

OK, it wasn't really a competition but my grandma bought me a diaper cake which is the bottom picture. When my sister saw her cake she thought she could create something just as fantastic (picture on the top). I would have to say that Kelly was really creative and was resourceful given the fabric I am sure she "borrowed" from one of the ladies at the retreat. But the coolest part are the pillows on top! You can't have a cake without a cake topper. I like them both so you can be the judge!

showered with diapers

This weekend my family was already together at the annual woman's retreat which I had to miss. That is how my story goes. Typically everyone sews at the retreat, but every year it expands into something new. On their way back through town (plus other family) stopped at my house to shower us with diapers! We are going to need them all! Thank you to my family for stopping by and showering us with love. I was really missing my family since I wasn't able to see any of them over the holiday season. Anyone that wanted to see us pretty much had to come to our home. So no longer am I sad that I haven't been able to see my family.
I am very blessed to have all of your support.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

32 Weeks

Well, we made it. This is the point of no return. 32 weeks is a great mark to reach. Yesterday was the dr. appointment. The dr. came in for about 5 minutes and said everything looks good, get out of here. She still commented that we could make it several more weeks. It was a new dr., so I was wondering at this point if she read my entire file. I guess I have always known that we could get to 36 weeks. I will just have the oppotunity to enjoy some more bed rest. They are not measuring anymore which means that we didn't get to find out if I am dilated. They are just going to let us go as far as we can. We still don't know how much they weigh, but will find out next Monday. I am thinking they will be over 4 pounds by then. I did get an ultrasound yesterday though. I have a pain right under my rib. The tech looked at what was under my rib and just like I thought Bennett's elbow is poking me. These boys have no respect for personal space.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

terb pump

Pump it up!
So I mentioned before that they sent me home with a pump that administers medicine constantly. Ever 4 hours I get an auto bolus of .25ml otherwise my basal rate every hour is .07ml. Amazing how much this little amount of medicine can make a difference. It really has helped minimize the amount of contractions that I have in a hour. If i go past my threshold of 4 contractions an hour then they call my doctor and will make us go to Methodist Hospital to be evaluated. So far so good. We had one close call, but I negotiated with the doctor and it worked out just fine. The above picture is of the pump that I carry every where with me. I even have a shower bag. The picture below is the site in my leg that the medicine goes into me. It takes a needle to be inserted, but the needle is then pulled out and all that is left is a flexible tube. Brett changes the site for me. A little concerning how much pleasure he gets out of poking a needle into my leg. Maybe he has some pent up energy from the bed rest orders.