Monday, February 23, 2009

dr. appointment today

~what will be will be~
Today was our 30 weeks 6 days appointment. Everything looks the same as the day that I went into the hospital, but now that we are this far into the game they are going to just let things be. So no more measurements or ultrasounds. I am not dilated, but we have made it past the stitch. They said there is only about .8 cm before dialation starts. My new treatment plan is bed rest, the home pump of turb, and my weekly appointments. They just told us what the main labor symptoms are that we need to pay attention for. My guess is that I will know. We weren't able to attend the birthing classes so we are going into this blindly. I am sure that we will have good nurses to talk us through it. Baby B is still breeched so C-section seems to be in the cards for us unless something drastically changes. To be very honest I am not sure that I even have the energy in me to naturally deliver two babies. You should see how hard I breathe after making it to the top of the stairs. Bed rest is not supportive to muscle tone or being physical fit. I am still hoping to make it to 34 weeks.

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