Tuesday, February 24, 2009

basement construction tour #1

Brett has started to work on the basement. Pictures and video is how he shows me what he is doing down there since I am not allowed to do the stairs. We were thinking that we might need some more play space with two kids running around. Everyone knows how crowded our living room is with furniture so we will be able to move half of it down to the basement. Including this giant 57" TV. TV's are so much better now. Flat, sleek, space savers. Can't really justify buying one of those until the old one breaks. Maybe it will get damaged on the trip to the basement. This video is an older one. Much more work has been done since he orginally took this for me so soon I will have him take another one. I know that he has cleaned up the majority of the junk. Thanks to everyone that has helped, Dad, Bruce, Jim!

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