Thursday, December 31, 2009

When children are being quiet

It is because they are up to something. Hope Brett didn't really need that paper from Lockheed.

Lamon Christmas

Here are the rest of the pictures from Lamon Lanesboro Christmas. They are a little out of order, but there were a lot of them to sort through! First, the Christmas lamp that will be be remembered years later.
The boys!Grandma Cheryl watching the boys crawl.SimeonEthan on Christmas day! Bennett on Christmas day. I can't explain the face, but I swear he was not drinking.

The boys put their heads together to get the presents unwrapped!

Aunt CJ monitoring the feeding.

Mom's computer will never be the same after this weekend. Kelly supervising...kind of.

The girls playing with Bennett.

One of the many pokemon battles.

Bennett and Dade

Sweet Emilee

And of course Grandma Cookie was there.

Grandpa babysitting all the grandchildren. Thank goodness for TV.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Lanesboro

Ethan and Bennett had some Christmas time in Lanesboro. The entire family was able to get together. We gathered around the Christmas tree, I mean the Christmas Lamp and had family time! The kids ripped open their presents. It took Ethan and Bennett a lot longer to get those open than their cousins. So when I got there and saw all the presents under the Christmas Lamp I thought holy crap, that is a lot of gifts. But after seeing the kids open them it was totally worth it. I got pictures of all the cousins in sequence from start to end of opening.

First one is Simeon. He had the least expression. I say it is because we got him the toy that he already had. Not nearly as exciting opening it up a second time around. He is still cute though.

And then there was Samuel! I took a guess on this one. His crazy smile explains it all. Trust me, that is a happy smile. The wrinkles in his forehead happen with many different emotions.
The cutie pie of the group! She was crying when she saw her sister open her gift, but much happier once she opened this one. I love when kids display their gifts right in front of their face.
The big man on the street! Dade is he oldest of the cousins. He is very helpful with Ethan and Bennett.

And the highlight of the day! The gift that had parents running into stores and elbowing each other to get the toy first. It was the gift that sold on Ebay for 15 times the amount that it was worth. By a chance of luck, I called on the day that a new shipment had arrived. I ventured out into the snowfall to Toys R Us. I wasn't the only one, but I made it in time. I got the Zhu Zhu Pets. It was Faith's lucky day. After seeing this pictures it was also my lucky day!

It was a good Christmas. I do have pictures of the boys and a picture of the Christmas Lamp, but I wanted to get these up first.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

How is MJ doing?

Glad you asked.....well not too bad. I have a chance to now give you more details on what I know as this pregnancy has progressed thus far. We found out we were pregnant in October. The first test I took was negative, but I didn't really believe it because I felt pregnant (ie: sick). Two days later our fate was sealed. To answer your question, yes we were hoping to have a third child. It was decided for us that we will have four. Brett and I were feeling pretty confident in our parenting of two and thought that one more would be the last ingredient for our family. We decided this before the entire family came home from New Mexico and got the dreaded H1N1. We were sick! Then the truth came out....maybe we should hold off on that last one for a little while yet. NOW you tell me! Too late, it was already done. I do believe that it was meant to be this way. We didn't get the flu before we were supposed to. We found out at week 6 that we were having two! So the official due date is June 25th, but they won't let me go later than June 10th. I am shooting for June 1st. Yes, that would make the two sets of twins 14 months apart. And yes, we are crazy.So far this pregnancy has been a little different. The biggest thing I have noticed is that morning sickness has become all the time sickness and it kicked in at week 4 and continues to linger around. I am at week 13 by the way. There are some other differences, but I don't think they are appropriate for my blog. Our care was transferred again to the perinatal clinic at Methodist Hospital under the direction of Dr. Pratt. She was the boys doctor after we were put on bed rest. Dr. Pratt gave us an educated guess on "what are the chances of our situation" and she came up with 1 out of 100,000. The ultrasound at this appointment showed everything looking pretty good. They are measuring on time and at the same rate. They also measured my cervix which is normal length at this time, but we were scheduled that day for surgery. Good news is that surgery is over. I got my cerclog last Wednesday at Methodist Hospital. This time it is preventative instead of rescue so the hope will be that I won't have to be on bed rest. This set of twins are however identical so that comes with its own set of risks. Sounds like the biggest one is Twin to Twin Syndrome. This basically means that if two babies share a placenta there is a chance that they can start growing at different rates ie: one thriving and the other one struggling. This only happens in 15% of the identical cases. I have to go in every two weeks to get the babies measured and also for a cervical measurement. Either way I was doomed to be at the clinic a lot.

So today we are 13 weeks and 3 days. I have an appointment on Wednesday right before we head home on Christmas vacation. I am going to see if we can figure out the sexes earlier than the normal 20 weeks so say posted. I'll update when I know anything.

Ethan and Bennett can't wait for more babies to play with. They have really started to play with each other which usually involves some pinning on the floor, toy stealing, and hair pulling. Bennett is our bully. I have a video that I will post later. Both of them are crawling. They haven't taken off to explore the entire house yet. They both can go from a laying to sitting position ad Bennett just figured out how to pull himself up to a standing position today. We caught him standing at the exersaucer. Papa and Nana were here to witness that mile marker. The boys continue to eat and sleep well. I feel like making baby food is never ending.

Brett and I are doing great. He continues to be a supportive husband to a some times emotional pregnant wife. Brett loves being a dad and is very helpful with the boys which is especially important given the reduction of my energy level. I am really looking forward to the holidays and our birthdays are coming up.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Nanny Molly

Things are wonderful with Nanny Molly! The boys absolutely love her and I think she may like the boys a little too! Most people have asked us about Nanny Molly since everyone found out about the new set of twins. Well the good news is that Molly did not run out our front door screaming after we told her about some new additions, however, we are seeing how things go. We hope that Nanny Molly will remain part of our family when we go from 4 to 6. Stay posted! Books are always part of the boys day with Molly.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My new camera

I got a digital SLR camera! After Annie Photography 101 classes, here is what I came out with. Some were horrible. She said for every 100 pictures you should have 10 good ones. I got about that.

Here is Ethan and Bennett wishing you Happy Holidays!


Bennett EthanEthan

Faith says about having two more cousins...

Faith said, "What?! They're going to have four babies at their house? That's going to be crazy! Mom, we have just three kids and it's even crazy here."

It is true! I have been to their house!

This weekend I got to see Samuel, Faith, and Emilee in their church Christmas program. It was very cute. It reminded me of doing the Christmas program at United Methodist Church in Lanesboro. We had to memorize our lines which consisted of a sentence. When you got older you got more sentences.

Highlights of yesterdays visit...

-Samuel telling me that the new twins were going to be identical but that Ethan and Bennett are not.

-Emilee being a perfect Angel in the Christmas program. She said her lines, just didn't make it to the microphone.

-Samuel being very careful as he walked down the isle with a flame torch to light the advent candles. My sister must of not had a hand in choosing the child for this task or I am sure he would have not been selected. The funnier part was at the end of the service he had to go put out the candles and started walking back through the isle with his flame torch lit. The isle was jam packed with people. I had visions of hairspray fire balls in my head. Luckily his aunt intercepted him and got him to blow the fire out.

-Bennett spitting up on Grandpa, twice!

-Being at the end of the pew so that we got the majority of the Hershey's hugs and kisses they handed out.

-Leaving mom in a car with two screaming babies while I picked out a gallon of paint. Kelly was smart and came inside with me.

-Kelly trying to find Emilee a suitable outfit that Grandma Cheryl could give her for Christmas. She won't even wear brown. Apparently she is not up on fashion because brown is the new black.

We had a nice little Sunday.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


You have been waiting patiently for these. I wish that I would have written more of them down. The ones that I have written below, the people were not aware that I was recording their words. After I told my parents on Wednesday, December 2nd I had a few more calls that I made....but first Mom and Dad's reactions.

I gave mom and dad a picture frame that said "grandkids". There was 3 spaces for pictures. The two outside ones were Ethan and Bennett and in the middle was the ultrasound picture. Mom couldn't understand why I was giving them an old ultrasound picture of Ethan and Bennett. I told her to look at the date, but I don't think it registered. She handed the picture to dad. Dad read the date out loud and then the light bulb went on.

Dad - so his mouth dropped and he looked at me over his glasses. I think he does this to look people directly in the eye. I am fortunate that he was close to the kitchen island so that he could catch himself as his body fell over. He was beside himself.

Mom - well a little different. Luckily she was sitting because I don't know that anyone would of been able to catch her before she hit the floor. When she figured it out she started praying to the good lord. As her eyes went to the sky, I think her words went something like this, "Oh Dear Lord, Jesus mumble mumble mumble....(her eyes returned to me) you're getting your tubes tied after this, right?"

It is wonderful that Mom and Dad are both really excited, especially Mom. Mom and I went to IKEA the next day to pick up some shelves. Mom and I brought the boys with us. We got there early so we went and got breakfast. I watched mom cut tiny pieces of her cinnamon bun off and shove it in to the boys gummy mouths as I shoveled food into my mouth trying to get rid of the nauseated feeling I was having. She smiled as she watched them move the foreign object around in their mouths, laughed as it reminded her of an old man chewing on his cud, and felt complete happiness when they swallowed the bread. She was happy to be there to see them discover and learn something new with her. I was happy that they didn't choke on the piece of bread. I listened to mom talk on the phone to a friend and tell her the good news. Mom was beaming as she told her friend all the details while she rocked the double stroller back and forth with her foot. Before Dad arrived her final words were, "I am so excited!" I believe it!

That night I told mom and dad, I made some phone calls. Here are words from their mouths that I caught....

Marcia - Fertile Mertile. There must be something in the air. The Lord never gives you more than you can handle.

Grandma Cookie - Your are kidding! You really do things up good!

Cousin Suzie - Holy Balls! Tell Brett thatta boy. He really knows how to get it done.

Sister Colleen - Are you crappin' me? Are you flippin' crazy? Oh my gosh I'm going to faint. Simeon call 911.

Sister Kelly - Well you will have a very entertaining house.

Brett - his reaction was very similar to the last time. He laughed hysterically for 5 minutes and then said we are so blessed and screwed at the same time.

MJ - When the doctor offered to "just check" to make sre there was only one, I was excited. I wanted to get rid of one of the swings in my living room. The doctor told me that she has never known anyone to have two sets of twins which by the way is the same thing that my OBGYN told me. The doctor found our new little baby and verified we had one. She handed me the ultrasound picture that I was excited to show Brett. By the time my eyes went back to the ultrasound screen the doctor had found a second flickering heart beat. She took back the first picture and gave me a new one with two blobs on it. I cried the whole way back to work and then I remembered that we know twins so we got that going for us.

Brett and MJ - we are super excited!! We are excited that we have lots of baby stuff that we won't have to buy again, we were excited we could buy cheap diapers on black Friday, we are excited that we now have a volleyball team, and we are excited that god decided that we were going to be a family of six. We are not excited for the mini van we will have to buy.

My new nickname from my neighbors is Double Deuce and Quad-Mom. All my friends have been very supportive. I have even had some friends come over and watch the boys just so I could do nothing but nurse my morning sickness. I know that I still owe everyone more details and I will write that post. The basics are due date is June 2010 and these babies are identical twins which is different than last time.

Peek-A-Boo with Daddy

Another video of the boys laughing. Brett can really get them going.

Playing with Pam

This is my friend Pam that came over one night. She was playing "ball" with the boys and they loved it. I think they just liked the feeling of the ball hitting their chest and then they would laugh that or they were laughing at Pam and how funny she was!

Vikings Tackle

This is what I have to look forward to. Next time one of them will come out with a black eye.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black Friday has a new meaning

Would you believe me if I said that we didn't even purchase anything for ourselves? Brett didn't even get up in the early hours of the morning. We didn't skip black Friday completely because we did get some good deals at Babies R Us. See our loot below: And yes, some of those packages are in fact size 1 diapers.

Mommy and Jenny took us shopping

It was past their bedtime by the time we got home. They didn't care because "lights out" already happened for them. I bought their first Christmas ornaments so it was a successful trip.


Jenny made this. It was pretty funny. Click on the link below:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let the Jon and Kate Plus Eight Jokes Fly

Maybe it is luck or destiny or an unexplainable force. I just think that there is something wrong with me. Either way you put it, the reality still is. Note to my family: Make sure you are sitting before you take a look at the picture. Reactions to follow....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Skol Vikings!

Another Sunday, another day of purple and gold. Ethan and Bennett are showing off their Vikings gear. You should be able to tell between the two with their signature smiles.