Saturday, February 9, 2008

hello from Negril

We decided to become Jamericans. We love Negril. The sun sets here and it is beautiful. We are on a bay called Bloody Bay. You can walk out forever and it only comes up to your waist. The bottom is very sandy, no rocks! Brett only has gone wake boarding once since we got to Jamaica since the wearther has been so windy. I think going a few times today is in the cards. I will be the onlooker on the beach snapping photo shots of my baby.

We are having a blast. Going to bed early and getting up early. We are sad to say and feel somewhat old, but we have not partook in any of the night life out here. After dinner it is off to bed. We can hear the loud music even in our room.

Our room in Negril is awesome. They upgraded us to a suite. We have a beautiful balcony that looks out to the ocean and not to mention out to the non prude side of the beach. That 6 foot hedge does us no good from a second floor balcony. We avoid! I have seen enough nude to last me a good year.

Time to lotion up and hit the beach! See you all soon, unless we extend this vacation....


LadyP said...

Stay- enjoy! Bryan and I decided to go to Hawaii the middle of April!

rachael anne said...

i am so glad you are having a good time...and i cannot wait for you to get back!

love you both bunches!