Tuesday, February 5, 2008

brett is going to write this one

Hieee! MJ and I are having a blast in Jamaica. We are both fighting off colds, but it has affected MJ more because she has more sinus pressure and hasn't acclimated from the flight yet. She has been an awesome sport, though, and we have still done activities such as golf, the catamaran cruise, dinner at the French restaurant and Bayside grille. She even humored me with a little competitive ping pong (table tennis, if you will. and we did.)

So in other words, this has been an awesome vacation so far, and I can't wait to gain another 12 or so pounds off food and drink. Please try to recognize me when I get back.... :-) O = MJ wants me to inform you that she was not involved in any way of the smiley-potbelly-legs emoticon. She thinks emoticons of all sorts are stupid, juvenille and silly and I recommend you don't send her any in text, email, or other. She will mock you.

Regardless, everything is Irie here (Jamaican for 'Everything's Great'). It's nice to take a break from the snow and work and other such things. Hope you are having a wonderful week and we will see you when we get back!!!!!!!

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rachael anne said...

if you get this message, call me asap.